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Pure, Light, Strong and smooth. This cotton-rag based paper is suitable for many applications both as electrical insulation (generally a minor component), as a wrapper, spacer and filler. Hokuetsu Toyo Fibre TRP is a very light gray in color and is also suitable for printing.

TRP Typical Properties:

Thickness Cross Tear Machine Tear
.005" 352 298
.007" 511 493
.010" 722 810

Machine Tensile: 6000 lbs./sq. in. min.

Cross Mach. Tensile: 4000 lbs./sq. in. min.

Machine Elongation: 2.5% min.-3.5%

Cross Elongation: 4.0% min.-5.0%

Dielectric Strength: 300 vpm. Min.

Density: 1.15 gr/cc min.

Methanol Extractables .2% max.

Ph: 7-7.2

Suggested Applications:

  • Press packing
  • Tags & Labels
  • Layer Insulation
  • Rag-Polyester Film Laminates
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Music Rolls for Player Pianos
  • Fill & Spacers
  • Light Molding
  • Outer wrapping
  • Underlayment



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