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FWAT-LIGHT Ultra Low Density Paper

General Purpose Data

Hokuetsu Toyo Fibre Co.ís super low density paper is specifically designed to provide cushioning, support, and thermal insulation characteristics without the concerns of static build up or synthetic material disposal.

Fwat-Light is composed of 100% cellulose fibres specially manufactured to achieve a density of only .20 grams/cc. This makes Fwat-Light only 25% as dense as standard wood pulp papers. As such, it can be produced in thicknesses that provide good support and cushioning for sensitive electronic, electrical, and high value components without the addition of weight or bulk.

Because Fwat-Light is totally natural cellulose, it will not support the build up of static charges that may damage electronic components and instruments. Fwat-Light will not scratch any natural or synthetic substance, and its absorbent nature can reduce liquid bleed-through.

General Specifications: White

        Tensile Strength Tear Res.
Grade Weight/g/m2 Thickness/mm Density/g/cc MD kN/m    CD MD mN  CD
N720070 70 350 .2 <1 <.6 400 450
N720100 100 500 .2 <1.4 <.8 500 700
N720150 150 750 .2 <2 <.8 750 1000
N720165 165 825 .2 <2 <1.2 750 1000
N720200 200 1000 .2 <2.5 <1.2 900 1000

Manufactured Width: 86"

FWAT-LIGHT NFL-Flame Retardant Cushioning and Support

The same general characteristics and workability as FWAT-LIGHT but with a halogen free flame retardant added to achieve UL94-V-O flame retardant rating.

NFL 0.5 120 550 .23 2.3 1.3 1030 1275
NFL 1.0 240 1100 .22 4.6 2.6 2060 2551

Fwat-Light contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, phenols or resins or additives of any type, excepting the small amount of flame retardant added to NFL grade. It is completely RoHS compliant.

Applications: Electronics, data discs, batteries, jewelry, thermal instruments, crafts



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